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Who are we?

Created in a garage in May 2008 by Malik Benrejdal, Jérôme Chabin and Sébastien Caille, the IAD company is today the leading network of real estate agents in France with more than 3,000 advisors.

The IAD project was born out of the desire to create an innovative real estate network based on an observation: it is time to accompany differently individuals who wish to sell or acquire a property, while enhancing the profession of agent. The 3 fundamental pillars:

• Real Estate: The founders of IAD are all from the real estate sector

• the Web: dematerialize agencies to offer a more competitive service for the end customer and provide an optimal working environment for agents.

• Network Marketing: create a dynamic network of proximity based on the sharing and the freedom of each agent to make evolve his framework of work.

The management team

The shareholders and the Board of Directors of the IAD network are composed of:

• Of the 3 historic shareholders: Malik Benrejdal, Jérôme CHABIN and Jade BENREJDAL

• Of the 3 investment funds: Naxicap Partners (since 2012 at IAD - € 2 billion in assets under management), IK Investment Partners (since 2016, IAD - € 7.5 billion) assets under management) and Rothschild Five Arrows (since 2016, IAD - € 1.5 billion in assets under management).

• Chairman of the Management Board: Roland TRIPARD

International development

On April 17, 2015, the network of real estate agents IAD inaugurated its Portuguese concession, thus laying the foundation stone for its international development.

2016 marks the arrival of IK Investment Partners and FIVE ARROWS PRINCIPAL INVESTMENTS (FAPI) investment funds, as well as Roland TRIPARD, in the capital of IAD, with the aim of accelerating international development.

  • 2018

    Creation of iad Spain

  • 2018

    Creation of iad Italy

  • 2017

    5 000 advisers

  • 2016

    3 000 advisers

    Entry into the capital of IAD from investment funds Five Arrows (Rothschild) and IK Investment Partners and also from Roland Tripard.

  • 2015

    Creation of iad Portugal

  • 2014

    2 000 advisers

  • 2012

    Entry of Naxicap Partners in the iad group´s capital.

    ISO 9001 Certification

  • 2011

    1 000 advisers

  • 2008

    Birth of iad France in a garage