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Legal Notice

This website is edited by IAD PORTUGAL SA (hereafter designated as “IAD Portugal”), and the general conditions of access and use are governed by the following terms:

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If you have any question related to the following terms of use, we would appreciate if you could send your enquiry to the e-mail address contacto@iadportugal.pt or via mail to IAD Portugal’s headquarters.

Terms of Use

The user acknowledges that by using this website he/she expressly accepts the Terms of Use in the available version of the website on the date of access.

The information made available on IAD Portugal’s website can be viewed and used for non-commercial use, as long as the appropriate mention of copyright is included. This information can also be used with the goal of finalizing a purchase and sale, lease or conveyance deal.

The information made available on IAD Portugal’s website aims to enlighten and inform the user regarding aspects of the activity and services rendered by IAD Portugal, as well as making available information about the properties promoted and commercialized by it.
The information regarding each property made available through photographs, images, blueprints and architectural plans, as well as the mention of other characteristics, namely price and measurements, is merely informative and does not constitute a contractual proposition for all legal purposes, and so do not substitute consultation with the proper public bodies. The information made available on IAD Portugal’s website may contain some technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, with IAD not being liable for any resulting damages. The user, within the terms of the law and these terms of use, must have a responsible, prudent and careful usage of the website, so as to not disturb or degrade the continuity, integrity and quality its resources and functionality. IAD Portugal reserves the right to act legally in case of a lawfully protected right being violated, being able to suspend or stop offering services to the user, if a violation of the terms of use s under investigation or is proven. IAD Portugal does not incur any responsibility for any direct or indirect damage resulting from consultation of its sites, namely any damage caused to your IT equipment or system, loss of revenue or profit, suspension and interruption of negotiation procedure resulting of the use of the impossibility of use of information and content made available on this site. The website is accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, IAD Portugal does not take responsibility in case of temporary inability of use of the website, the eventuality of IT difficulties, or other technical difficulties related to the net. IAD Portugal reserves the right to, at any time, suspend, partially or entirely, access to the website, in particular to management, maintenance, repair, or alteration operations, and to close, definitely or temporarily, partially or entirely, at any moment, and according to its own volition, the website or any of its services, with no previous warning. IAD Portugal can at any moment, with no need for previous warning and with immediate effect, change, update or eliminate, partially or entirely, the present Terms of Use, with a view to adjust them to the law or as a result of having new services available.


All elements contained on IAD Portugal’s website, namely information, texts, photographs, images, brands, logos or others, are protected by law, under the Copyright and Connected Rights Code, under the terms and for the effects of Decree 63/85 of March 14th.

This website, as well as its structure, selection, configuration and presentation, including its functionalities, as well as brands and logos presented on the site, are the property of IAD Portugal or have been licensed in favour of IAD Portugal.

The availability of elements and services existing on the site does not give the user any property or intellectual property rights over the accessed content or over our services.

It is therefore expressly forbidden for the user; independently of the means used; the copy, reproduction and broadcasting or commercial use of texts, photographs, images, brands, logos or other elements included on the website without written authorisation by IAD Portugal.

In case of unauthorised copy, reproduction, broadcasting or commercial exploitation of the elements included on this website, IAD Portugal reserves the right to act legally against the authors.

The content of this site cannot be changed or reformulated in such a way as to become protected under any other copyright, brand or intellectual property registration which does not belong to IAD Portugal.
IAD Portugal reserves the right to, at any time and with no need for previous warning, change, update or eliminate any contents, services or functionalities of this website, as well as to change its presentation and configuration.

Privacy Policy

IAD Portugal’s privacy policy determines the treatment given to your personal data and the way your privacy is protected whenever you use our services.

When accessing this website, the user accepts that IAD Portugal may use this data according to this privacy policy.

The use of this website does not imply the supply of personal data. Whenever you access the website, non-personal data may be collected automatically so as to facilitate access, as well as information related to the use of services so as to monitor the level of interest of our website, and so improve its performance and content.

However, if you intend to request contact, submit applications or register in the website’s reserved area, you should indicate some personal data such as name, e-mail or telephone number.

The personal data collected are meant for the service solicited by the user on the website according to the information made available.

Considering the personal character of this information our services will scrupulously respect the terms of the Law Of Protection of Personal Data under the terms and for the effects of Law nr. 67/98, of October 26th, being committed to not pass, under any form or condition, this information on to other bodies.

This commitment is valid for all new services which may be made available on this website, and which will scrupulously respect the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use expressed on this document.

IAD Portugal also commits to adopt the appropriate security measures so as to assure the protection of personal data of users against its possible abusive usage or against unauthorised access.

So, IAD Portugal will collect, use and broadcast personal data only for the purposes for which they have been communicated, except if the use or broadcast:

a) Is part of an additional goal directly related to the initial request namely to be informed of an offer by IAD Portugal which fits your business needs or online surveys to improve the knowledge of your needs as our client.

b) If it is necessary to execute these Terms of Use, including the investigation of possible violations of them.

c) Results from a legal demand or a request originating from a public or legal authority.

d) Is necessary to initiate legal proceedings or to contest a pending legal action.

e) Is necessary to detect, impede or avoid fraud or other illicit activities such as voluntary attacks to preserve IAD Portugal’s IT systems.

Save for the exceptions described, IAD Portugal may share aggregated information which do not contain personal data, publicly and with our partners, namely publishing companies, advertisers or associated websites. When registering, the user commits to supply IAD Portugal with rigorous, truthful and complete information, being able to access, change, rectify or suppress those personal data under the terms and for the effects of article 11 of Law nr 67/98, of 26/10.

In case a user contacts IAD Portugal, we may keep a record of communications so as to resolve problems which may arise. We may use the user’s e-mails address to send information about our services, communicating changes or news.

If IAD Portugal updates this privacy policy, namely as a result of the availability of new services or the change in existing laws, the broadcast of the new version will be done through this website.


IAD Portugal uses cookies on its website. Cookies are information relative to the user’s equipment’s browsing on the site, which allows to determine the pages consulted as well as the date and time of the consultation.

Cookies do not allow to personally identify the use and their permanence on the used equipment does not exceed thirteen months. However, the user has the possibility to reject the registration of cookies by configuring its internet browser for this effect.

a. What is a cookie ?
UA cookie is a text file which is susceptible to being registered in the equipment during the browsing of a service through a browsing programme. A cookie file allows its sender to identify the equipment where the cookies expiration date is registered.

b. What are the cookies issued by the site for ?
Cookies used on the site allow identifying services and sections that the user visited and their general pattern in terms of visits to the website. This information is useful to customise services, content and available offers on the website and make browsing easier. Some cookies are necessary for the functioning of some services or to measure traffic.

c. Cookies available on the site.
Cookies may be installed when accessing the website to allow browser’s recognition within the cookie’s valid period. Cookies which are issued are used for the purposes described above, with no damage to the browsing program’s definitions used to access the website.

Cookies allow, namely :

● Make browsing of the website easier.

- Adapting the website’s presentation to the equipment’s visualisation preferences (language, resolution, operating system, etc) on site visits, according to the materials and visualisation or reading programs which the equipment possesses.

- Allowing to memorize information related to a questionnaire filled on the website (subscription of access to reserved area) or to products, services, or information selected on the website (contracted service, consulted content, etc…)
- Allowing access to the website reserved área through access data.

- Implementing security measures.

● Perfecting services :

Cookies allow to establish statistics and volumes of frequency and usage of the several elements contained on the website (sections and content consulted, trajectory, etc…) so as to perfect the services’ interest.

d. Cookie selection.

There are several possibilities for cookie management.

The configuration may alter internet and website browsing as well as access conditions to certain services which require the use of cookies.

If you refuse the registration of cookies on your equipment, or if you eliminate those already registered, you will cease to benefit from some of the functionalities needed to access certain areas of the site.

This would occur if you tried to access content or services where you need to identify yourself. It would also occur when IAD Portugal - or its commercial partners – to gauge technical compatibility, could not recognise the type of browser installed and its definitions of language and visualization, or the country where your equipment is connected to the internet.

In this case, IAD Portugal may not be held responsible for the malfunctioning of services due to the impossibility to register or consult cookies needed for functioning which have been refused or eliminated.

You may at any time alter your cookie configuration through the following methods:
● Refuse a cookie through a browser.

You may configure the browser so as to register cookies in your equipment or to reject them, systematically or according to the sender. The browser can also be configured so as to offer the activation or deactivation of offered cookies before a cookie is registered in your equipment.

The configuration of cookie management varies according to the browsers. Its description appears in your browser’s Help menu, which will allow to configure cookies:

For example:

- For Internet Explorer : http://windows.microsoft.com/fr-FR/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

- For Firefox : http://windows.microsoft.com/fr-FR/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

- For Safari : https://www.apple.com/legal/privacy/fr-ww/cookies/

- For Google Chrome : https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=fr&hlrm=en

- For Opera™ : http://help.opera.com/Windows/10.20/fr/cookies.html

- "Flash"© cookies for "Adobe Flash Player"™

"Adobe Flash Player"™ is a software which allows to develop dynamic content through the «Flash» programming language.

“Flash” (and similar software) memorizes definitions, preferences and use of content through technology similar to cookies.

However, "Adobe Flash Player"™ manages this information and selection through an interface which is different to the one provided by the browser.

In case your equipment is able to visualize content developed in Flash language, you may access Flash cookies management tools directly through http://www.adobe.com/fr/support/flashplayer/ts/documents/52697ee8.htm

● Refusing an advertising cookie

The use of these cookies may be done through advertising cookie management platforms by professionals in this field:

http://www.youronlinechoices.com/pt/your-ad-choices by following the mentioned instructions. You may consult the member companies and adapt browsing information, as well as advertising messages.
● Refusing a cookie issued by a social network.

If you do not intend our site to register cookies issued by a social network you may click on the following deactivation links. Deactivating these cookies will make all interaction with the referred social networks impossible:

- FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/help/360595310676682/

- TWITTER : https://support.twitter.com/articles/20171379-twitter-prend-en-charge-la-desactivation-du-suivi-dnt#

- GOOGLE + : https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=fr

- LINKEDIN : http://www.linkedin.com/legal/cookie-policy

- YAHOO : https://info.yahoo.com/privacy/us/yahoo/cookies/

- YOUTUBE : https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=fr

Alternative Resolution of Litigation (RAL)
Under the terms of article 18 of law 144/2015, of September 8th, IAD Portugal informs that in case of litigation or dissatisfaction with the provided services, the consumer may resort to one of the bodies for Consumer Alternative Resolution of Litigation which are listed in www.consumidor.pt and http://cec.consumidor.pt/.

Applicable Law
Portuguese law is applicable to the management, administration and application of these Terms of Use.

Competent Jurisdiction
To resolve any questions or litigation which may arise, inherent to these Terms of Use, the jurisdiction of the Porto District Court is exclusively competent, with all others expressly renounced.