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1 shop / premises commercial for rent in Avenidas Novas, Lisboa

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Commercial walls in Avenidas Novas of 593 sq m

Sublease of coffee/pastry shop with own manufacture, restaurant and grocery store. Shop on Av. Bern, with 548m2. Corner store, with two fronts, and a total of six 14 m linear storefronts. Prepared for any type of event, with 150 seats. On the ground floor there is 1 large room and 2 bathrooms. In the gallery, by 1 large room and 1 bath, intended for tertiary use. Equipped with a cargo lift system, plate mounts, and integrated air conditioning system. It has installation of two smoke extractors, one with 4 burners and the other with 12 burners. The entire space is undergoing complete requalification of floors and coverings, as well as other aesthetic finishing aspects. In the basement, ground floor and gallery, connected by interior stairs. It comprises, in the basement, 1 large room and 3 bathrooms. Sublease Option Monthly rent for furniture and equipment (to be detailed in due course): €9,300 +VAT Contract duration: 8 years, renewable for 5-year periods Guarantees: escrow deposit or bank guarantee equivalent to 9 (nine) installments - this guarantee is reduced by 35% once the half-life of the contract has been reached and will then be maintained until the end of the contract. Updates: INE update coefficient + 2% from the 13th month of the contract term Subletting is done free of any encumbrances or workers Note: there is no possibility of assigning shares. Lease Option Price: €395,000 +VAT Price including furniture and equipment: €440,000 +VAT Price including furniture, equipment and stock: €460,000 +VAT The transfer is made free of any encumbrances or workers Note: there is no possibility of assignment of quotas, only the transfer of establishment Contracted income: €3,500 +VAT / month until the end of 2032 and renewable for periods of 5 years Note: The photos are prior to the requalification works!

593 sq m

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